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CGA is a collaborative Architecture Studio, working in technical, engineering, restoration.

Ugento's Castle - Lecce |
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Restoration of Cappuccini’s Square Sessa Aurunca (CE) - Italy

Sessa Aurunca Piazza Cappuccini: consolidation work of the building circuit port of the fifteenth century

Restoration of Ducal Castle and realization of Sessa... Sessa Aurunca (CE) - Italy

Sessa Aurunca Caserta: restoration of Ducal Castle and its museum, library, courtyard, garden

Accomodation of Mercato square and S. Agostino square - I and Arienzo (CE) - Italy

Renovation and conversion of Piazza Mercato and Piazza S. Agostino spaces of the historic center of Arienzo

Reggia of Caserta Caserta - Italy

Reggia di Caserta: project of museum and restoration of gardens

Castle of Carlo V: restoration project of the south and the... Lecce - Italy

Lecce Castle of Charles V: the south wing restoration project to redevelop the moat area

Restructuring of Palace Cardinal Cicada Atri (TE) - Italy

Restructuring of Palazzo Cardinal Cicada, to assign to residence equipped and accommodation of the archaeological area...

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